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Offices & Co-working

From €170 per month

Interoffices is your partner for serviced office rental:

  • fully equipped offices and co-working spaces with state of the art furniture
  • super fast and highly secured Internet, the latest communications infrastructure
  • professional reception services and top-quality fair trade coffee included
  • free use of small meeting rooms
  • transparant pricing without hidden costs
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Virtual offices

From €80 per month

Do you want to start up your business or expand into new territories? We offer:

  • a professional business address and a dedicated local phone number
  • our professional reception teams will handle your mail and packages and manage your calls
  • flexible formulas, transparent pricing without hidden costs
  • free use of small meeting rooms
  • discounts on meeting rooms and day offices
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Meeting Rooms

From €60 per day

Do you need to rent a meeting room for a short or longer period of time? We provide:

  • fully equipped meeting rooms, internet, flipchart, whiteboard and markers included
  • projectors, catering and speakerphones available
  • extremely cost-effective: rent per hour
  • Theater, U-shape, boardroom or classroom layout.
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Interoffices is a convenient solution for us to have fast and efficient additional conference capacity. Our flexible project with a lot of external people such as authors requires that we should be able to easily move to a remote location. Inter Offices provides us with an inspiring environment, a flawless reception and economical solution in one!
Bieke Dieltiens / Coordinator Uitgeverij Van In
As a fast growing SME in cloud technology we were looking for a permanent office with the ability to expand in the near term. Inter Offices provides us the opportunity to pay only for the space we now need exactly and without the requirement of a long-term contract.
Guy Pittoors / Director Cloudworker
I especially appreciate the all-inclusive offer from Inter Offices: no surprises on the bill, virtually all costs are included, up to the coffee! And where necessary we appeal to their extensive range of support services.
Eddy Francken / Director Intelfood



We offer maximum flexibility. No minimum duration, a large offer of services and you can grow or downsize according to changing circumstances.


We can arrange for a taxi, book a flight or a hotel, order stationary, host your web/mail server in our Interoffices Cloud and so much more !


We are your partner when it comes to finding the perfect fit for your office, workplace and meeting room needs. Flexibility is our core business !


Interoffices has an all inclusive offer: nearly all costs are included. You will receive a clear monthly invoice, simple and without hidden charges. And we are clear, from the start, about the renewal of your contract.


Our unique IT infrastructure with optic fiber connections can be adapted to any special need of an SME or a multinational.


Our team is always ready to handle your mail, welcome your guests and manage your calls in a professional way.