Looking for professional private meeting rooms in Brussels? We’ve written a complete guide to this importance facet of business. With it’s proximity to the EU, and situated in the heart of Europe, Brussels stands out as a central hub for international business, diplomacy, and culture.

For professionals seeking top-tier meeting spaces and venues, the city offers a diverse range of options to accommodate various needs and preferences. Interoffices, with its prestigious locations throughout Brussels, provides fully equipped meeting rooms designed to foster productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

What should I consider before booking a meeting room in Brussels?

Guide to Meeting Rooms in Brussels

When planning a meeting or event in Brussels, selecting the perfect venue requires careful consideration of several crucial factors to ensure the success of your gathering. Here’s a streamlined guide to the main considerations you should take into account before booking a meeting room in this vibrant city:

Location & Accessibility

Choose a venue that is conveniently located and easily accessible for all participants. This includes proximity to public transportation, parking facilities, and, for international meetings, closeness to the airport. The right location can significantly enhance attendance and punctuality.

Meeting Room Capacity & Setup Style

Consider the size and capacity of the meeting room to ensure it comfortably accommodates your attendees. Additionally, the availability of various setup styles (such as conference, boardroom, class, U-shape, or theatre) can impact the effectiveness of your meeting, depending on its purpose.

For more information on the type of meeting room setups, check out this helpful illustration from dious furniture.

Quality & Capability of AV Equipment

High-quality, reliable audiovisual equipment is paramount for presentations and communication, especially in hybrid or virtual meeting scenarios. Verify the AV capabilities of the venue to avoid technical glitches that could disrupt your meeting.

Room Flexibility & Decor

The ability to customize the space according to your specific needs and the overall aesthetic or decor of the room can contribute to a more engaging and productive environment.

Expertise & Support of the Provider

Choose a provider with a track record of excellent customer service, from sales to support staff. The expertise of the venue’s staff can greatly ease the planning and execution of your event, ensuring a smooth and successful meeting experience.

Price & Inclusions

Understand the pricing structure and what is included in the cost of booking. Look for transparent pricing to avoid unexpected expenses, and consider packages that offer value-added services such as catering or technological support.

Additional Amenities

Amenities like catering services, breakout areas, and high-speed internet can enhance the meeting experience for all participants. Consider what additional features are available and how they align with the needs of your meeting.

Interoffices stands out as a provider with a diverse portfolio of meeting rooms across Brussels, tailored to meet a broad spectrum of requirements. With state-of-the-art facilities, flexible room setups, and professional support staff, Interoffices ensures your meeting or event is positioned for success.

To explore our meeting room options and discover how we can cater to your specific needs, visit Interoffices and learn more about our tailored solutions designed for an unparalleled meeting experience in Brussels.

Meeting Rooms in Brussels from Interoffices

Here at Interoffices, we have been providing flexible workspace services, solutions and expertise for years. This has equipped us with the know-how to ensure any clients new or existing have a top meeting room experience without the hassle.

Below is an overview of what you can expect from meeting rooms at various Interoffices locations across Brussels.

1. Meeting Rooms in Brussels Airport Corporate Village

Located at Davincilaan 1, 1930 Zaventem, the Brussels Airport Corporate Village offers meeting rooms that cater up to 16 participants. These spaces are ideal for those looking for convenience and accessibility, especially for international guests flying into the city.

The rooms come with flexible setup options including boardroom, class, U-shape, or theatre arrangements, ensuring a suitable configuration for any type of meeting. Catering services are available upon request, and pricing starts from €40 for a half day and €90 for a full day.

2. Meeting Rooms near Brussels Expo

Meeting rooms in Brussels Expo Strombeek

Situated at Temselaan 100 A, 1853 Strombeek-Bever, the Brussels Expo location provides meeting rooms for up to 16 people, starting from €90 per day. Like the Corporate Village, it offers multiple setup options and catering services, making it an excellent choice for workshops, seminars, and corporate meetings.

The pricing is competitive, with half-day bookings from €40, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality or service.

3. Meeting Rooms in the EU District

Meeting rooms near Brussels EU Commerce

The EU District location at Avenue des Arts 56, 1000 Brussels, EU District, stands out for its capacity to accommodate up to 150 people, making it perfect for large-scale conferences and events.

With prices starting from €120 for a full day, the meeting rooms in Brussels EU District come with various setup options to match the specific requirements of your event. The provision of catering services adds an extra layer of convenience for organizers looking to provide attendees with a seamless experience.

5. Meeting Rooms on Avenue Louise, Brussels

Meeting Rooms Brussels Louise

Avenue Louise 367, 1050 Brussels is home to the Brussels Louise location, featuring meeting rooms in Brussels that can accommodate up to 55 people.

With prices starting from €75 for a half day and €125 for a full day, the venue offers a variety of layout options including boardroom, class, U-shape, or theatre. This location is particularly suitable for medium-sized gatherings, workshops, and presentations, offering a blend of elegance and functionality.

6. Meeting Rooms near Brussels Congres

Rue du Congrès 35, 1000 Brussels, the Brussels Congres location offers intimate meeting rooms in Brussels for up to 15 people, with prices starting from €60 for a half day and €100 for a full day. The focus on boardroom layout makes it suitable for focused discussions, negotiations, and small-scale workshops, providing a professional setting in a central location.

7. Meeting Rooms near Brussels Montgomery

Lastly, Brussels Montgomery at Rue Abbé Cuypers 3, 1040 Brussels, caters to up to 15 people, with pricing from €75 for a half day and €135 for a full day. Offering flexibility in layout with options for boardroom, class, U-shape, or theatre setups, it is an excellent choice for businesses seeking a versatile meeting space in a distinguished area.

Interoffices’ network of meeting rooms, conference rooms and  in Brussels provides a comprehensive solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Whether you’re planning a small team meeting, a large conference, or anything in between, you’ll find a space that meets your requirements, equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure a successful and productive gathering.

Meeting Room FAQs

Understanding the nuances of various professional gathering spaces can significantly enhance your event planning process, especially in bustling Brussels. Here’s an integrated guide focusing on the distinctions between meeting rooms, conference rooms, training spaces, and private meeting rooms in Brussels, alongside the specific terminologies related to each.

Meeting Rooms vs. Conference Rooms in Brussels

While often used interchangeably, meeting rooms and conference rooms in Brussels cater to different needs. Meeting rooms in Brussels are generally suited for smaller, less formal gatherings. These spaces are ideal for team discussions, client meetings, or internal reviews.

On the other hand, conference rooms in Brussels are designed for larger, more formal events. They are pre-planned venues that accommodate a greater number of attendees, focusing on specific subjects or industry-wide discussions. The formal atmosphere of conference rooms in Brussels is conducive to hosting major events, seminars, and large-scale corporate meetings.

Seminar Rooms vs. Conference Rooms

The distinction between seminar rooms and conference rooms primarily lies in their size and purpose. Seminar rooms, a subset of training spaces in Brussels, are typically smaller and geared towards educational sessions, workshops, or presentations with one or several speakers.

The layout usually consists of chairs facing the front of the room, where the guest speakers are positioned. In contrast, conference rooms in Brussels are larger, accommodating more extensive gatherings with multiple sessions happening simultaneously or in sequence, often covering a broader range of topics.

Board Rooms as Conference Rooms

Board rooms, while fundamentally serving as a type of conference room in Brussels, are specifically designed for executive meetings and decision-making sessions. These rooms are equipped with large tables and comfortable seating to accommodate all board members.

A key feature of board rooms, including those doubling as private meeting rooms in Brussels, is soundproofing, ensuring confidentiality and minimal distractions during critical discussions.

Training Spaces in Brussels

Training spaces in Brussels are versatile areas tailored to facilitate interactive learning and development activities. These environments are equipped with the necessary technology and flexible seating arrangements to support a dynamic learning experience.

Training spaces can vary in size, accommodating small groups for intimate workshops or larger audiences for company-wide training sessions.

Private Meeting Rooms in Brussels

For those seeking confidentiality and exclusivity, private meeting rooms in Brussels offer a secluded environment for sensitive discussions, VIP client meetings, or high-stakes negotiations. These spaces provide the utmost privacy, equipped with advanced AV technology and often bespoke catering options to create a bespoke meeting experience.

When planning your next corporate event in Brussels, consider the specific needs of your gathering to select the appropriate type of venue. Whether it’s a small strategy session, a large-scale conference, an educational seminar, or a confidential board meeting, Brussels offers a wealth of options to ensure your event’s success.