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Interoffices Turnhout: office space like no other

Discover Interoffices’ Turnhout location, Paterspand, where old and new come together to form a unique workspace that is as atmospheric as it is light-filled.

Workero, Interoffices, and HRmagazine join forces to tackle the topic of hybrid working and future workspaces

The future of work is hybrid. Our CEO, Dirk Paelinck, and Prof. Dr. Kathleen Vangronsvelt reflect on the hybrid model's implications for employees, employers, and workspaces.

The professional way to continue remote working 

Registering your company at a prestigious business address to enjoy the benefits of a physical office without paying for the overhead costs.

What safe alternatives are there to teleworking?

Renting a private office is an efficient and safe alternative to teleworking.

COVID-19: How Interoffices can help your business during and after this crisis

During this crisis and its aftermath, every business will need a helping hand. We outline how we can help yours.

How interoffices has implemented the post COVID-19 workspace

Watch our video to discover the steps we have taken to optimise our workspace to fulfil the government's health and safety regulations and guidelines.