We have the pleasure of sitting down with Khadija El Khaoui, the Operations Director at Interoffices. With an impressive tenure that spans over nine years within the company, Khadija has risen through the ranks from a Customer Service Representative to her current role, overseeing operations across Brussels, Zaventem, and Antwerp.

Where did Khadija El Khaoui‘s Journey Start with Interoffices?

Khadija’s journey with Interoffices began in 2015, and over the years, she has been instrumental in the company’s growth and success, embodying the spirit of perseverance and dedication. In her interview, Khadija shares insights into her multifaceted role, the evolution of her career, and her passion for management and operations.

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Introduce yourself

Operations Director Khadija El khaoui at Interoffices Turnhout Offices

Khadija El khaoui: My name is Khadija. I am the Operations Director at Interoffices. I have been working for the company since its inception in 2015.

I have had the opportunity to learn and grow in a sector where competition is fierce. It’s a real challenge and very interesting for me. I have had the chance to work in various sectors, and I find that each opportunity brings something new.

My experience has mainly been in administration, customer relations, and management. While I can’t pinpoint one specific passion, I can say that I enjoy everything related to management and operations.

Some people are fortunate enough to pursue their passions, but in my case, I simply enjoy this field and believe I am skilled in it.

Kickboxing, ballet, several languages, operations management and soon a marathon runner – what would you say is your greatest achievement?

Khadija El khaoui: I like to undertake and learn. Some people want to conquer the world, others are content with executing. As for me, I have goals and I work towards achieving them, but until it’s done, I prefer to keep them to myself.

You’ve been a leading figure in Interoffices’ operations for many years. What has enabled you to succeed and be so respected in this role?

Operations Director Khadija El khaoui in Coworking Space Turnhout

Khadija El khaoui: Interoffices is a project that’s dear to me because I’ve been involved with it since the very beginning, and I’ve climbed through various levels, not without difficulty. I find it rewarding to persevere and demonstrate motivation.

What I enjoy is seeing the evolution and growth when I look back nine years ago. The fact that I’ve been able to implement certain things puts me in a position where I feel useful and can share my knowledge. I’m also grateful for the trust I’ve been given and the freedom to take initiative.

What makes Interoffices special in terms of the representation of women?

Khadija El khaoui: Our team is predominantly composed of dynamic women, without whom customers wouldn’t benefit from all the services and support we offer.

And I can tell you, we are ‘Jack of all trades.’ Our impact was further demonstrated during the COVID-19 pandemic, when we received an immense amount of thanks and positive feedback from clients for our daily presence and the support provided from the office when most people could not come to the office.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Khadija El khaoui: This day holds great symbolism as it encapsulates numerous facets of women’s experiences: their rights, struggles, evolution over time, and aspirations for the future. I am deeply fascinated by the strides women have made, not only in terms of their roles within the household but also in the realms of professional and political engagement. Their contributions drive meaningful change, underscoring the importance of recognizing and valuing their efforts.

Is there a special mention from the staff that you’d like to make for International Women’s Day?

Director of Operations Khadija El khaoui in Meeting Room Turnhout

Khadija El khaoui: I want to thank my colleagues for their daily involvement, and I salute their efforts and appreciate their collaboration.

What differences have you seen across the real estate market in terms of equality between men and women?

Khadija El khaoui: It’s obvious, women have clearly made their mark and have their place in the professional, political and social world.

Compared to before, there has been a sharp increase in the number of women, and I salute all those who are fighting for respect and equality. But I believe that certain battles are not being fought effectively, as the world revolves around the harmonious collaboration that can be fostered between men and women.

What advice would you give to young women, particularly those like you, who want to achieve and succeed?

Director of Operations Khadija El khaoui in Private Office Turnhout

Khadija El khaoui: I believe we are living in uniquely complex times. On one hand, we are fortunate to enjoy various forms of freedom, technological advancements that streamline many aspects of life, and abundant career opportunities. However, on the other hand, I sense that certain fundamental values have been eroded.

Therefore, I would like to offer some advice to younger (even though I am still young myself): it is essential to wholeheartedly invest in what you do and not take anything for granted. Believe in yourself and your capabilities. Countless women have fought tirelessly for the privileges we enjoy today. It is imperative that we honor their legacy by upholding and nurturing these values.

Unfortunately, we must acknowledge that not everyone shares in these advancements. Many women around the world are still far from attaining the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities. It is incumbent upon us to remain mindful of this reality and work towards a more equitable world for all.

Do you have any female role models, leaders or representatives whom you admire or draw inspiration from? If so, who and why?

Khadija El khaoui: There are as many women in the shadows as there are in the spotlight, contributing to a better, fairer and more equitable world, for evolution, changes, education and more. I don’t have a particular female role model, but I draw inspiration from the strength and courage of all of them.

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