Looking for affordable office space in Brussels? In this article, we delve into the dynamics of office rental costs, specifically focusing on the vibrant and diverse market of Brussels, and explore how solutions like Interoffices are redefining affordability.

Agility and cost-effectiveness are key. Businesses increasingly seek ways to optimize their operations without breaking the bank. This is particularly true when it comes to office space, a significant yet variable cost that can greatly impact a company’s bottom line.

Whether it’s through downsizing to adapt to a more streamlined business model, relocating to tap into new markets, reducing operating costs, or adapting to a hybrid team model, the quest for affordable office space is more relevant than ever. And in the shadow of giants like WeWork, whose rise and fall have reshaped perceptions of workspace viability, this quest takes on new dimensions.

Why Businesses Seek Low Office Rental Costs

Why Businesses Seek Affordable Office Spaces

Downsizing for workspace affordability

Downsizing has become a common strategy for many companies seeking to optimize their operations. Downsizing often involves reducing the workforce, but it also extends to minimizing physical office space.

This move is not only about cutting costs, but also about creating a more agile and focused business model. Smaller teams require less space, leading businesses to seek more compact, yet functional office environments.

Relocation for cost-effectiveness

For some businesses, relocation is a strategic move to enter new markets, get closer to key clients, or align with industry hubs. This shift can often necessitate finding new office spaces that balance cost-effectiveness with location advantages.

Companies relocating often look for affordable office rentals as a way to mitigate the financial impact of the move, while still maintaining a professional and conducive work environment.

Reduce Operating Costs

The drive to reduce operating costs is a fundamental aspect of business management. Office rental costs are a significant part of a company’s overhead.

By finding more affordable office space, businesses can significantly lower their monthly expenditures, allowing them to allocate resources to other critical areas like research and development, marketing, and employee training.

Hybrid Team Model

The rise of hybrid work models, blending remote and in-office work, has fundamentally altered the demand for physical office space. With employees spending part of their time working from home, many businesses find themselves with underutilized office spaces.

This new reality prompts companies to reconsider their space requirements, often leading to the search for smaller, more cost-effective office solutions.

Impact of WeWork’s Fall

The fall of WeWork, once a symbol of the modern, flexible workspace, has had significant implications for the office rental market. WeWork’s strategy of taking long leases on large properties and renting them out to smaller businesses on more flexible terms initially revolutionized the office market.

However, the company faced challenges, including expensive leases and reduced demand during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to its bankruptcy. This situation has served as a cautionary tale, reinforcing the need for businesses to seek financially stable and affordable office spaces.

Industry Leaders’ Perspective

As per the 2023 Commercial Real Estate Leaders Outlook, while the real estate sector faces challenges like rising interest rates and inflation, leaders remain optimistic about the industry’s performance. About 65% of leaders are optimistic about the industry’s performance in 2023, with a notable focus on adapting to the changing economic landscape and exploring new market opportunities​.

This optimism, coupled with the adaptability of the sector, underscores the importance for businesses to strategically find affordable office spaces that align with their operational needs and economic realities.

How Expensive is Office Space in Brussels?

Understanding Brussels’ Office Space Market

Brussels, as the de facto capital of the European Union, has a dynamic and varied office space market. The cost of office space in this city is influenced by several factors, including location, size, and services provided.

You may see reports of a modest office space in a prominent location costing between €160/m²/year and €320/m²/year. This is an outdated estimate however. Office rental prices in Belgium, specifically in Brussels, stood at an average of around 320 euros per square meter per year during the second quarter of 2022.

Prices can vary significantly based on the district. For instance, office rental rates ranged from approximately €165/m²/year for locations outside of Brussels. Alternatively cost per square meter near the hub of European politics reaching the €320/m²/year price.

The further from in-demand areas, the cheaper you will find the cost of your workspace.

For more information on the cost and price of office spaces in Brussels, visit our guide to Brussels Office Rentals!

How to Find Affordable Office Space in Brussels

The Cost of Office Space in Brussels

The Renting Process

When considering renting office space in Brussels, it’s important to understand the various options available in the city. These include private offices, co-working spaces, incubators, and business centers. Each type of space offers different benefits.

For instance, a closed office provides privacy and is often suitable for self-employed individuals needing a professional location for client meetings. On the other hand, renting a work station or shared offices in co-working spaces can be more budget-friendly, offering a convivial environment and access to essential office equipment​.

Location Considerations

The location of an office in Brussels can significantly impact how easily you can find affordable office space in Brussels. Factors like accessibility to suppliers, clients, public transport, and the image of the district are crucial. For instance, areas known for their commercial or political significance, like the European Quarter, tend to have higher rents.

Conversely, decentralized locations offer more affordable office space in Brussels. It’s also important to consider the atmosphere and sector-specific needs when choosing a location. Some co-working spaces specialize in certain sectors, which could be beneficial depending on your business.

Check out the various Interoffices locations across Belgium for affordable modern workspaces suited to your business needs.

Space Requirements

The amount of space required directly influences the cost. Opting for a semi-closed workspace or working from home can significantly reduce costs. However, working from home requires careful consideration of the impact on motivation and productivity, and compliance with planning regulations. Shared workspaces might offer a happy medium, providing privacy when needed within a communal setting.

Expertise and Support

Utilizing the expertise of companies like Interoffices can simplify the process of finding suitable and affordable office space in Brussels. These companies offer tailored services, taking into account the individual needs of businesses, and can provide valuable guidance and support throughout the renting process. They also offer additional support services, such as legal advice and business coaching, which can be particularly beneficial for start-ups and SMEs.

Ultimately, finding affordable office space in Brussels requires a careful consideration of several factors, including location, space requirements, and the type of office environment that best suits your business needs.

What Makes Interoffices an Affordable Office Space Solution?

The quest for affordable office space in Brussels, especially amidst the evolving landscape of the Belgian real estate market, leads many to consider alternatives like Interoffices. Understanding the true costs of operating an office and how Interoffices can mitigate these expenses is crucial for businesses looking to optimize their budget.

Understanding Operating Costs of an Office

Office Operating Costs Covered by Interoffices

Operating an office involves various expenses. These include not only the rent but also costs related to furnishing, utilities, maintenance, reception services, and IT infrastructure. In Brussels, where the average monthly rent is €14.0 per sqm, the additional operating costs can significantly increase the total expenditure for businesses.

What Operating Costs are Covered by Interoffices?

Interoffices offers an attractive solution by providing affordable office space in Brussels that cover many of the typical operating costs. Their offerings include:

  • Fully Furnished Spaces: High-quality interiors reduce the need for additional investment in furniture.
  • Comprehensive Services: Reception services, mail and phone handling ensure a professional front for businesses.
  • Meeting Room Access: Crucial for client interactions and internal discussions.
  • Logistical Support: Including moving and relocation services, this eases the transition and setup process.
  • Catering Management: Managing food and beverage needs, including access to Nespresso coffee and kitchen amenities, adds convenience.
  • Integrated IT and Telecom Infrastructure: A secured IT environment with high-speed broadband and VOIP infrastructure simplifies communication needs.
  • Utility Costs Covered: Water, electricity, heating, air conditioning, and daily cleaning services are included, reducing the burden of utility management.
  • Tax and Service Charges: Covering property, regional, and city tax, as well as other service charges.

These inclusive services address the key challenges faced in the real estate sector, such as rising interest rates and inflation, which are driving up business costs for many companies.

Interested in having all of the above costs completely covered in your next private office space rental? Reach out to the Interoffices team for a quote today.

Alternative Workspaces for Cheaper Operating Costs

coworking booth Interoffices Turnhout

The Value of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional office rentals. They provide a communal working environment where individuals and small businesses can access all the amenities of an office at a fraction of the cost.

This setup encourages networking and collaboration, often leading to new business opportunities. Interoffices, for example, offers various coworking spaces across Brussels that cater to different professional needs, ensuring affordability and flexibility.

Benefits of Flexible Workspaces

Flexible workspaces are ideal for businesses that require adaptability. These spaces can be scaled up or down depending on the business’s current needs, helping to avoid the costs associated with unused office space. Interoffices provides such flexible workspace solutions in prime locations, ensuring businesses can maintain a prestigious address without the high overheads of traditional office spaces.

Advantages of a Registered Business Address

registered business address

For those who work remotely or have a home-based business, having a registered business address can add a layer of professionalism and credibility. This service typically comes at a lower cost compared to renting an office space.

Read our guide on regsitered business addresses to learn more.

Interoffices offers a registered business address service, which includes mail handling and other administrative support, providing businesses with a professional front without the expense of a full office rental.

These alternative workspace solutions represent a significant shift in the way businesses think about office space. By choosing coworking spaces, flexible workspaces, or a registered business address, businesses can significantly reduce their operating costs while still maintaining a professional image and productive work environment.

In need of a private office space in Brussels or beyond? This article should give you the adequate insights, information and considerations to make a real informed choice. The team here at Interoffices wish you the best of luck with your search and we stand by to help you on this endeavor with our expertise.