A location like no other, these private offices find themselves at the heart of the historic Paterspand in Turnhout, which was recently completely renovated.

Paterspand is a former monastery with an authentic monastery garden, a beautiful patio and an atmospheric chapel. In the second half of the 19th century, one would find here the hushed bustle and study that was characteristic of the monastic life of the Order of Friars. Today, this historic building has been reborn as an oasis of peace where people can one again come to work and connect. Today, as in the past, the building still lets in the heavens. 

Upon entering this historic location, guests are welcomed by the clean design, perfectly aligned with the charming original construction of the original monastery. 

Based on a Live-Work-Play concept created in collaboration with Imoya and Workero, the working space itself includes 42 offices, 146 workplaces, fully equipped meeting rooms and a Workero co-working space, where professionals can exchange ideas and collaborate in a light-filled and inspiring environment. The layout further allows this space to be used for large-scale events.

The location is strategically positioned for professionals coming from all across Belgium. Paterspand is just a two-minute drive from the city’s ring road, near exit 24 Turnhout-Kasterlee on the E34, and close to bus stops where you can catch buses to Antwerp and the Netherlands, as well as to the Turnhout train station. 

In addition to being easily accessible, Paterspand is located near the quaint centre of Turnhout and is thus conveniently situated close to the busy shopping street, with an abundance of shops, cafes and small restaurants perfect for lunchtime meetings. The historical ’Market-place’ and Castle of Brabant Dukes are just a stone’s throw away. The modern Turnova complex, which boasts ‘HERT,’ a gastronomical experience on the top floor of the tower from which you can enjoy wonderful views over the city, is also nearby. For those who prefer to stay on-site, the prestigious Bart Dewulf restaurant is located next to the office space.

Enjoy Turnhout’s historical heritage, while profiting from the comfort of a workspace designed to boost your productivity and set your mind at ease. Click on the button below to secure office space in Interoffices’s spectacular Turnhout location.

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