Looking for practical office spaces near Brussels Expo? Interoffices has plenty of options, from coworking spaces to meeting room and flex desks.

What is Interoffices Brussels Expo?

Interoffices Brussels Expo Office Space Exterior

Interoffices Brussels Expo is a testament to modern workspace design, strategically located within the innovative Brussels InQbet Campus at P&G.

These unique office spaces near Brussels Expo serve as a connecting hub for startups, scale-ups, and corporate clients, integrating them into a dynamic ecosystem.

The ambiance is set with an open-plan lobby filled with natural light, fostering a bright, motivating work environment. A striking spiral staircase leads to a welcoming community lounge and expansive modern offices, each crafted to encourage productivity and collaboration.

Why Choose Interoffices Brussels Expo?

Interoffices Brussels Expo Green Spaces

This location’s specialty lies not just in its offer of affordable private office spaces close to Brussels, but in its location and convenience to access. Not only will an office with Interoffices Brussels Expo offer you close proximity to the P&G InQbet Campus to explore, but near historical highlights of the Belgian capital.

Our staff are more than happy to help you make the most of this space. From meeting rooms, coworking access, printers or just a free tea & coffee, we are sure you will find your suitable space at this incredible office space location.

Proximity to Innovation

InQbet Campus Tour

Directly within Interoffices Brussels Expo is P&G and the InQBet Campus, the nexus of entrepreneurial energy and corporate influence.

The InQbet Campus stands as a premier destination for corporate conferences, workshops, and events, offering modern, versatile facilities that promote creativity and collaborative work.

It’s an optimal environment for organizations in search of a stimulating and forward-thinking venue.

Designed to enhance creative and cooperative interactions, the campus provides a space where employees and external partners can effectively collaborate.

The combination of its contemporary amenities, commitment to sustainability, and emphasis on innovation and teamwork, positions the InQbet Campus as a distinctive and influential player in the consumer goods sector, particularly for Procter & Gamble.

Cultural and Business Hub

Just a short walk away from the Interoffice Office Spaces is Brussels Expo itself. The Brussels Expo, located in the Heysel/Heizel Plateau of Laeken, is Brussels, Belgium’s premier event venue. This significant exhibition center is known for hosting a variety of large-scale national and international trade fairs, exhibitions, and other major events.

The complex consists of twelve halls and is notable for its Art Deco architectural style. Brussels Expo is the Belgian market leader in terms of exhibition size, according to Visit Brussels. Construction of this landmark began in 1931. Its official address is Place de Belgique 1, 1020 Brussels.

Near The Atomium

The world-famous Atomium is also just 5 minutes from this location. A perfect place to bring visiting clients, partners or prospects. The Atomium, an iconic modernist structure in Brussels, Belgium, was originally constructed for the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair.

This architectural marvel, designed by Jean and André Polak, commenced construction in 1957 and opened a year later. Towering at a height of 102 meters, it’s among Belgium’s tallest structures.

The Atomium’s design is striking, featuring nine stainless steel spheres, each 18 meters in diameter, linked to form the shape of an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. Beyond its impressive exterior, the Atomium offers a unique and surreal experience within its interiors, including breathtaking views of Brussels.

Visitors to the Atomium also gain access to the nearby Design Museum Brussels, located just 150 meters away.

office spaces near brussels expo

Close to Osseghem Park

For employees who enjoy natural spaces, walks Interoffices Brussels Expo is perfect. Nestled at the base of the Atomium, Osseghem Park, designed by Jules Buyssens in the charming English style, presents stunning views of its wooded areas and expansive lawns.

This tranquil green space invites visitors to meander along its broad paths and serpentine trails, including a walk around its pond and the avenue lined with purple beech trees near the Adolphe Max memorial.

The park also features a unique green theater, a semicircular area with graveled terraces and stone walls, known for its superb acoustics and hosting festivals for up to 3000 spectators. Additionally, the park is close to other attractions like Laeken Park, the Jean Sobieski, Colonial, and Florist’s Gardens, Mini-Europe and the Planetarium.

The Chinese Pavilion, and the Japanese Tower are all just 10 minutes away from our private office spaces. Located in the verdant setting of the royal Laeken estate, the Chinese Pavilion, along with the adjacent Japanese Tower, constitutes a distinct, exotic architectural group.

These structures were built in the early 20th century, initiated by King Leopold II. The Pavilion is notable for its impressive collection of Chinese porcelain, silverware, and furniture, alongside European paintings from the 17th to 19th centuries.

Together with the Japanese Tower and the Museum of Japanese Art, the Chinese Pavilion forms part of the Museums of the Far East. Currently, these buildings are undergoing renovation supervised by the Federal Buildings Agency, with their permanent collections housed at the Art & History Museum.

Convenient Transport Links Nearby 

Five different buses can be taken to and from these incredible workspaces near Brussels Expo ranging from the 250, 251, 260, 800, 820.

Two different metros can be used just a short walk from our office spaces, including Heizel or Koning Boudewijn. Prefer to take the tram? Head to the Esplanade to take a scenic trip past the Royal Gardens, Brussels Docks & more. By car, the A12 is your route to and from Brussels Expo Office Spaces. Don’t miss your exit at Strombeek-Bever!

Office Spaces Near Brussels Expo Offer

6 Person Office Brussels Expo

  • 24/7 Access to State-of-the-Art Offices: Fully serviced offices with modern furniture, accessible at all times.
  • Inclusive Services: Reception services, mail and phone handling, access to meeting rooms, logistical support, and more.
  • Premium Amenities: Nespresso coffee, tea, kitchen amenities, high-speed internet, and telecom infrastructure.
  • Comprehensive Utilities: Including daily cleaning, heating, air conditioning, and all taxes and service charges.

Discover the full range of services on offer at Interoffices.

Alternative Flexible Workspace Options near Brussels Expo

Interoffices Meeting Room Brussels Expo

Seeking workspaces, meeting rooms or coworking spaces? We’ve got you covered. We don’t just offer professionally serviced private office spaces near Brussels Expo. Interoffices Brussels Expo features a range of other services designed to meet diverse business needs.

This includes coworking spaces, ideal for professionals seeking a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Additionally, the venue offers well-equipped meeting rooms, perfect for hosting business gatherings, conferences, or workshops. For businesses looking for a prestigious address without the need for a physical office, Interoffices offers registered business address services.

Furthermore, their virtual office solution provides a professional business presence, complete with mail handling and phone answering services, catering to those who need a corporate facade without the physical space.