Globally, this crisis has created a landslide shift when it comes to the environments we work in. Businesses that once functioned solely in physical offices were coerced into quickly transforming their processes to function remotely

This structural alteration, which proved more uncomfortable for some businesses than for others, brought with it the need to support this remote working with the technologies and protocol that would allow them to remain functional

Although, as a whole, this crisis and the resulting lockdowns required businesses to overcome many technological and structural changes, many of the practicalities needed to function remotely are in place, meaning that to some extent, remote working will be part of the ‘new normal’

There is no doubt that physical offices will remain relevant for activity-based working and human-­related tasks, but some companies may find in the long-run that working from home or remotely for some time will be more viable to recover from the economic downfall caused by this crisis

Remote working done professionally 

For these businesses seeking to implement cost-savings and lower overhead costs, there is one vital aspect that should be considered in order to stay productive and keep the prolificity of their business alive and well. 

Although it is an efficient cost-saving solution, shifting to remote working entirely often means companies lose access to certain elements that are necessary when running serious business operations.

This goes from the access to a professional business address to functionalities and services connected with physical offices, such as reception desks that handle mail and telephone communication. 

Virtual offices, the solution for all types of businesses

There is, however, an option that allows companies to enjoy these benefits of a physical office whilst keeping operating costs to a minimum: a business virtual office.

Firstly, aside from all the practical benefits, it brings with it, this set-up allows you to register your company at an existing prestigious business address, rather than at your home address. This helps establish your business’ credit whilst giving your company and its brand greater visibility – a shop front window of sorts, for existing and potential customers.

From a practical point of view, most offers include a whole range of benefits: 

  1. A professional receptionist service: Receive confirmation of receipt for your letters, packages and registered letters, forwarded to your chosen address. 
  2. A corporate mailing address: Once again, this will help build trust and establish credibility for your business. This address can be used for corporate documents, business cards, flyers, and websites.
  3. Access to a local telephone number: When doing business internationally or from another region, this is a big benefit and helps companies acquire customers in different regions. And it inspires trust in your company.
  4. Professional answering of phone calls: Most virtual office offers include the option for a receptionist to answer your business phone calls and forwarding them. This further contributes to the overall presentability of your business. 
  5. Relocation options: Switch to another address more relevant to your business when it suits your needs. 

    From just €65/month, you can receive all the components necessary to run a successful and professional business, without the overhead costs usually paired with renting large office space. 

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