On 23 February, our CEO Dirk Paelinck, and Prof. Dr. Kathleen Vangronsvelt from Antwerp Management School spoke about talent retention in the new hybrid workplace.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that people can work away from centralised locations, and still be productive and happy. For this reason, the Hybrid model of working – also known as the Work From Anywhere (WFA) model – has recently gained a lot of interest. This way of working allows employees the flexibility to work from home, at satellite offices or flexible workspaces, and/or at Central or HQ locations. At the same time, employers can now access remote talent, reduce permanent office space, and benefit from employee productivity.

Hosted by Workero, Interoffices, the European PropTech Association and HRmagazine, this webinar saw our speakers touch on pressing issues ranging from:

  • how employees will adapt to hybrid working,
  • how hybrid working affects employee engagement, productivity, and work-life balance,
  • how a task-based approach can help employees to decide when to work from home or from the office,
  • what future talent will expect from workspaces,
  • how property technology, know as PropTech, will shape our future work models and workplaces,
  • and most importantly, what HR managers can do to prepare for a greener future and the changing needs of employees and employers.

Click here to access the full webinar